It’s simple. More and more people are becoming concerned about toxins in our environment, homes and food and they are turning to organic and natural products. Why not treat your pet the same way? For me this quest has been personal.

Tiny Timmy Cat - CFO

Our company’s Chief Feline Officer, Tiny Timmy, has neurological damage from his exposure to a common flea & tick product. Timmy was rescued in 2009, while he was in the middle of a toxic reaction to this product. Rushed to the vet, Timmy wasn’t expected to live 48 hours, but he not only survived – he thrives. His neurological damage has left him with a wobble when he walks and some other health issues he’s had to overcome, but he is amazing and takes his job as CFO very seriously. Timmy sent me on a quest to learn about the products that hurt him and to seek out alternatives that were safe, powerful, effective, soothing and healing.

We scoured the world and history for a solution. The results – a unique amalgam of ancient wisdom, nature’s power and cutting edge science. We proudly share the results of our odyssey with you.

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